The Born Wonderful® Way To Manifest Magic

Card Deck Gathering & Movement Experience

Join us on:

Saturday, December 12, 2020 from 4:30 to 7:00 for an end of the year 2020 celebration.



From Card 16 

Magic happens in the moments when we finally embrace every chapter of our life's story. when we realize these chapters are happening for us and not to us,

we begin to evolve in all of the best ways.

We suddenly or sometimes, finally...

gain a deeper sense of compassionate wisdom.

magic happens when we fully embody the spirit within us and all around us.

Magic is the spontaneous feeling of being one with everything and everyone.

Magic is the feeling that all is well and good, and as it is meant to be in this small world that is part of infinity.

when this revelation happens, we experience ordinary moments as something quite extraordinary.

We become magic!

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Sat, Dec 12
Dec 12, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Women's Movement, Manifestation, Heart-Centered Sharing, Journaling, Intention Circle, and End Of 2020 Celebration

During our time together, your Born Wonderful® Manifesting Magic Guide, Erin DiMaggio, will create a  safe space for everyone to gather in the sacred sanctuary of Palos Verdes Yoga and Fitness Center. As you enter, you will come to the Yoga Circle and immediately be invited to experience heart-centered connection with the women in the group. We will begin with movement medicine to awaken the subtle energy body, align the chakras and get you feeling comfortable in your skin. Erin will guide you through Born Wonderful Movement and introduce the 3-Step Process of RELEASING, REMEMBERING, AND RENEWING.

We will release what we no longer need, remember our earth-school-curriculum, and renew our intention to live a purpose-driven life. 

After our movement portion is complete, you will be guided in a deeply nourishing savasana set to the vibrations of singing bowls. Upon awakening from a little rest, you will be served gourmet chocolate and tea and then, 

you will receive the newly published, Born Wonderful Manifesting Magic Card Deck.

We will use the card deck for the remainder of the class for free-form writing, cognitive planning and setting of our future intentions and action steps for living a life of magic!

About the Card Deck:

The card deck is a simple, yet profound process for manifesting magic. And, really, for anytime you need to reset your mind and renew your commitments to yourself! If you already have a card deck, bring it along and put in I AM to receive a $10 discount off of the workshop price. 

(You must have the card deck to receive the discount.)

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