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Covid and Witch Hysteria Are The Same

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Catch me after a run as I share what's stirring in me. Like a Witch, I wouldn't say I like it when anyone else tries to stir my pot. And, 2020 has been a year of people playing holy saviors. The Mainstream Media and Political Beasts have induced a mass hysteria and left people feeling as if wearing a face diaper is enough to save is not. To save oneself requires infinitely more than wearing a mask and staying home. Saving one's body from viruses requires daily exercise, proper nutrition, and a lifetime of treating the body with the proper love, attention, and care. People's pasts have caught up to them now and the Public Health Officials are failing to educate the public. Instead, they are instilling fear and inserting dangerous edicts that will have a negative impact on some people's fragile immune systems.

What's happening today reminds me of one of the first cases of Legal Political Corruption in America; The Salem Witch Trials. Politicians played Doctors, but instead of realizing that some people were having seizures, they thought their convulsions were due to Witches' cursing. Neighbors turned on each other, innocent people died, and The Priests and Political Beasts got away with murder. History is repeating itself, once again.

Listen and learn about what you can do to notice your symptoms so you don't get accused of Witchcraft or something worse; being a super spreader.

NOTE: A-Symptomatic Spread is Extremely Rare.

Note: In many cases where people thought there was an a-symptomatic spread, the person who spread the virus was on multiple cold and flu medications which masked their symptoms. They were sick.

Note: Healthy people cannot make unhealthy people sicker.

Note: We cannot spread what we do not have.

How often do asymptomatic people spread the coronavirus? It’s unclear

People without COVID-19 symptoms rarely transmit the virus, WHO said, but later backtracked.

The WHO backtracks because they have to continue their narrative otherwise the whole world will know we collapsed the economy, stole children's lives, and caused massive amounts of suicide, an increase in homicide, and an increase in domestic violence all for one was saved when you total up the devastation.


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