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Fear is The Master Manipulator

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Those who seek to remain in power will do whatever it takes to undermine, threaten, and annihilate anyone who questions their authority or poses a direct threat to their narrative. We are living in an age of the over glorification of victimhood. Since, when do we celebrate being oppressed, weakness and cowardly acts? There is nothing courageous about hiding from an enemy even if that enemy is a virus. Do not be fooled by the group think mentality and the conglomerate of billionaires working together with Big Pharma to make you doubt your body's own natural ability to heal itself. We have, in America, for far too long given away our power by buying into the false narrative that health comes in a pill. Health does not come from a pill but rather from the deep wellspring of infinite cellular wisdom, natural genetic programming and in the power of our thoughts to create optimum health and wellness.

The truth is, in America, the majority of our population is obese, sedentary and addicted to pain medication and pharmaceutical aids for survival. As long as we do not take 100% accountability for our own health we can be easily controlled and manipulated by the Main-Stream Media (MSM) to think that we can buy our way to a healthy heart or a disease free body. But that is the great lie.

The truth is, we poison ourselves with the foods we eat and the Food And Drug Administration is the number one drug dealer in America. It's time to wake up!

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