To Heal WE Have To Learn How To LOVE

Politics, Parenting and Healing

We are currently in the midst of a worldwide revolution. Some have said we are going to have a second civil war. The reality is we are already in the war. We are witnessing things we have never seen before, and as we attempt to make sense of crazy behavior, we try to fit them into something we already know. We cannot understand something we don't know anything about. To understand anything, we have to create a paradigm for it; but first we have to examine that which we have never seen. Without some structure, there is chaos. And, right now we are walking on the edge of a cliff. We must pay attention before the ground falls out from beneath our feet.

Multiple mainstream media outlets have claimed that Joe Biden has won the Presidency. Let's clear this shitstorm up right now! The media does not have the legal authority to make such claims. Yes, it' has been done before. Every four years this happens as we sit anxiously with our eyes glued to the screen as red and blue states blink onto the map. But we should keep in mind that in 2000 the Press declared Al Gore the winner for 37 days. The News, after all, is supposed to report events to us. But they lost all credibility when they began to put ratings, clicks, and speed over accuracy. The media sold its soul to the devil long ago. We cannot trust the NEWS to unite us and at this point they have proven to us after four years of trying to destroy Donald Trump that they are the most biased left-leaning Political Beasts who if we continue to listen to their divisive rhetoric; they will destroy this Country internally. The path towards healing begins with EDUCATION.