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Restorative Yoga


We specialize in bringing people together  by offering soulful-head-to-toe-movement experiences! 

We can help you to create a sacred circle for writing, heart-centered-sharing, and focused goal-setting. Our events are perfect for any group from a Bridal Party to a Girl Scout Troop and even, High-Performing Corporate Teams. 

We can work with all ages and stages of participants from five year olds to 105 year olds! 

The length of time for a Born Wonderful Experience can be anywhere from a one-hour-gathering to a whole weekend extravaganza!

You will be in charge of choosing your tribe and location or destination. Then we will set a date and a theme together, and then, Erin DiMaggio, your Born Wonderful Facilitator will show up with her Mary Poppins like-bag of yoga props, singing bowls, eye pillows, facilitator skills, and notes to create a magical experience for all.

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Best of the Best


The Born Wonderful Retreats are a four hour experience or more. They are designed to nourish your groups' mind, body, and soul through the practices of yoga, hiking, spiritual psychology, heart-centered listening, heart-centered sharing and other spiritual rituals.

Born Wonderful Retreats offer a sacred women’s circle feel with modern day physical practices that will assist you in letting go of what no longer serves you in honor of creating a space to open up to the wonderful woman you were born to be.

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The Born Wonderful Movement is a short and sweet version of the retreat. We will do some mindful movement, meditation, yoga, free-style dance and deep soulful connections to bring your tribe closer together and of course, to be Born Wonderful! Movement circles are ninety minutes to two hours and longer by request.

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The Born Wonderful® Sacred Circles are designed to create harmony, connection, and inspiration for your group to keep living their best life! Circles start at ninety minutes and we can go as long as your group needs. Length of time will be decided prior to beginning of the circle. The Sacred Circle is not a movement based experience, rather, we will be seated throughout most of it to allow for plenty of time to write, speak, go deep and leave light!

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A Troop Circle is a special circle intended for any Girl Scouts' Troop or ANY Group. It is 90 minutes to 2 hours of meditation, movement, playful exploration, and guided heart-centered dialogue to inspire Girls to be their best self!

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