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Hand Sanitizers Are Toxic

Everywhere we go we are greeted by signs reminding us of the dangers of COVID. In an effort to supposedly stop the spread the only thing that the forces that be could come up with is to maintain a six foot distance from one another, wash your hands, wear a mask and stay home. Supposedly, these people are experts and they are supposed to know a thing or two about health. But they appear to me to be complete idiots who are attempting to kill us all while pretending they are actually saving us. And, a good way to kill people is to breakdown the first outer layer of the immune system; the skin. Wherever you go there is a bottle of hand sanitizer waiting for you at the door. Just yesterday, I was greeted by a friendly hostess holding a gallon bottle of Hand Sanitizer and ready to pump it out onto everyone's hands who entered the door at the Polls. You can listen to my VLOG for some common sense wisdom and suggestion for what to do the next time the Hand Sanitizer Lady comes for you.


The Immune System has a vital role: It protects your body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that could make you ill. It is made up of various organs, cells and proteins.


Level ONE of the IMMUNE SYSTEM is our physical barrier, also known as, the skin. In addition to the skin, the respiratory tracts' mucosal lining, sweat, tears, and saliva are all a vital part of the immune system.


The innermost layers of the immune system consists of white blood cells, which fight germs, and organs and tissues of the lymph system, such as the thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and bone marrow. They produce, store, and carry white blood cells.


Mucous, saliva and the skin are all designed to help prevent bad bacteria and viruses from being inhaled and/or absorbed through the skin.


The skin is a semipermeable membrane. Whatever we put on our skin ends up in the blood.


Isopropyl alcohol is the main ingredient in hand sanitizers and it is also extremely irritating to the digestive tract. Most over the counter hand sanitizers contain ethanol and some hand sanitizers contain methanol, which can be fatal in large quantities.


Ingestion of Isopropyl Alcohol may be accidental or deliberate. IPA causes rapid intoxication, so people sometimes drink it to get drunk. Others use it to attempt suicide.

Symptoms may appear immediately or may take a few hours to become noticeable.

IPA poisoning usually causes:

  • stomach pain

  • confusion

  • dizziness

  • slowed breathing

In severe cases, it can lead to a coma.


The FDA has issued a warning as of 7-2-2020 stating that there is a "sharp increase in hand sanitizer products that are labeled to contain ethanol but have tested positive for methanol contamination. Methanol is a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested."


The sheep who do not think and follow the herd are most likely to end up dead.


Do not use hand sanitizers. If you are concerned about viruses and germs, simply wash your hands with soap and water. Recognize that breaking down the outer cell membrane of the immune system is dangerous and should not be done. Do not put anything on your skin that you don't want to end up inside your body. Everything we put on our skin will end up in the blood in a smaller dose.

Think before you obey. Just say, "NO" to HAND SANITIZERS and anyone who is not talking about health from within. Health can never be found behind a mask, in a bottle or from a syringe. \\

Stay WELL and Stay SMART!

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