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As a Health Expert with over twenty-three years of advanced study in Kinesiology, Spiritual Psychology, The Science of Breath, and a deep understanding of the mind, body, and Soul, I can tell you that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle between good and evil.

The United States Constitution guarantees us basic fundamental rights and liberties to assemble, worship, and choose our beliefs. I believe the breath is sacred and holy. And, science tells us we can live up to 21 days without food and water, but we can only last about four minutes without oxygen before we experience permanent brain damage. Anything that interferes with the breath interferes with the Soul of life. And, anyone who interferes with our freedom of belief and personal bodily autonomy is an enemy of The United States Constitution.

For sixteen months, The United States Constitution and our spirits have been under attack with constant propaganda intended to provoke fear and paranoia with the financial goal of selling a one-size-fits-all vaccine to every person on the planet. It is critical to remember that these vaccines don't provide 100% immunity and only create asymptomatic carriers. - I am not telling you what to do with your holy temple, but I am, reminding you of the truth. There's no such thing as a drug that is 100% safe and effective. All medications come with a long list of potential side effects. My life goal is to live so that I never need to take a drug to feel good.

Do you remember that we shut the country down under the false illusion that asymptomatic carriers would be super spreaders, and therefore, everyone had to stay home regardless of reality? I won't ever forget it. Healthy people were quarantined to save sick people in hospitals. It didn't work. Sick people still died. It is important to note: Healthy people do not make sick people sicker. It is also important to remember that absolutely everything, good and bad, is contagious from a Quantum Physics perspective. Safety and control are an illusion of the ego.

It is crucial to start critically thinking about everything the "experts" are saying. And then become a witness of our thoughts because every thought creates an electrical impulse throughout the nervous system that affects the immune system. The sequence of electrical impulses is what we call thinking. These electrical impulses can enhance or destroy our cells. Our thoughts can make us or break us. But it is not thought alone that creates our reality but rather everything we think, say and do affects us at a subatomic level.

Those controlling the narrative have never once given accurate health advice. Or told The American Public of the known harmful side effects of anxiety and chronic fear. The CDC guidelines of social isolation, over-sanitization, and masking are dangerous to the developing immune system, specifically of a child.

Note that the best way to destroy the gut microbiome is to use lots of sanitizers, bleach and avoid all human contact. Social isolation is a known method used by The CIA to weaken a hostage's mental state to get them to comply. And face diapers, when worn by children for six hours, fill up with up to twelve deadly bacteria pathogens by the end of a school day.

Why would the CDC not give essential health advice to The American Public - like telling us, "Get outside in the sunshine for twenty minutes a day without sunscreen to increase your Vitamin D levels?" Or how about, “Smile at strangers because smiling at someone activates tiny molecules in our brains that help to fend off stress.” These molecules are called neuropeptides. We know that smiling releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. And laughter is like magic - it is some of the best medicine along with movement; laughter strengthens the immune system by increasing infection-fighting antibodies and improves our disease resistance. Nope, instead, the CDC told us not to sing -because singing spreads viruses.

The answer as to why they aren't giving health advice is evident if you have read the CDC's financial contracts. And, if like me you have studied the history of the Pharmaceutical Industry, then you know that Modern Medicine began with Rockefeller's realization that Petroleum could be used as a transport fuel and feedstock for pharmaceuticals, plastics, and medical supplies. We have The Standard Oil Company to thank for forming a Monopoly over The United States Drug Care System. The Rockefeller's and The Carnegies worked tirelessly to eliminate their competition; anyone practicing holistic health care. That's why when you look up Terrain Theory on Wikipedia it says, "Germ Theory Deniers." And, that is also why when anyone says they don't want the COVID-19 Vaccine, they are called "Anti-Vaxers." These a forms of psychological manipulation to discredit any critical argument against the narrative that will produce the greatest profit margin for the Government and Pharmaceutical Corporations. At the time when Rockefeller and Carnegie invested in medicine half of American Doctors and Medical Schools were practicing holistic medicine and using natural remedies to cure many ailments. But Rockefeller came up with “The General Education Board” to make sure all medical institutions used the exact same standard of drug care. This is why up until only recently Medical Doctors only took one class in nutrition. Those of us in the holistic fields of wellness believe what Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Foods are the most influential component in our health care regime. Yet, there’s been little talk by the Govermental Agencies about known remedies to strengthen the immune system and make us less susceptible to infections. We are witnessing a global system of medical oppression that vehemently attacks anyone who goes against pharmaceutical monopolies. And people have been brainwashed by these industries to mistrust their inner capabilities to heal in favor of depending on a drug to do the work.

The CDC is a drug company with a long corrupt history of masking symptoms and allowing the roots of disease to grow out of control. And, sadly the Modern Medical Establishment is educated by the Pharmaceutical Companies under the false teaching that Germs cause disease. The more accurate theories are a blended science of both Terrain and Germ Theory that looks at the human body as an interconnected set of systems.

The truth is it an unhealthy terrain attracts viruses like stagnant water attracts mosquitos, termites, and cockroaches. We know that stagnation creates an environment ripe for bacteria and viruses to thrive. And, movement, like a river, washes away that which we do not need. The CDC never once mandated dance, and if they did, I guarantee so many people would not have died alone in a hospital bed.

I have read the studies that the CDC has conducted on masks using taxpayers' money. I especially found the studies done on dummies to be hilarious. The CDC used mannequins to determine which masks are best. They found that when dummies wear masks, the N-95 is the most effective mask at reducing the transmission of viruses. I understand the argument for the masks is that they catch tiny respiratory droplets, but cloth masks don't stop viruses. They are spit catchers. - But, people aren't thinking about that. They are all just following the rules and listening to the drug experts.

I hope you will join me in becoming a critical thinker because I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that these guidelines do not make sense from a perspective of health enhancement. The new normal is psychotic. And, I believe forcing children to wear a mask when they say, "It is hard for me to breathe," is child abuse.

The worst thing you can do to a child is to tell them what Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, "Don't share your air." These messages create a belief system that we are all sick. And, when we believe something, it creates a neural impulse throughout the entire body system. Anxiety increases blood pressure and heart rate. Chronic fear makes us weak. And, the simple thought of thinking that other human beings are contagious makes us more vulnerable, not less. And, in an age when we are supposedly celebrating diversity, what good is inclusion if we must stand six feet away from the people we love or want to meet? I am not in this separate together - I will am a rebellious hugger!

The fountain of youth is a myth. Do not be fooled; there is no one-size-fits-all miracle drug that will save us. Small interventions can help, but we always have to do the work to heal truly. And we must build our internal army through rigorous training, good nutrition, powerful positive thinking, healthy relationships, and of course, deep breathing.

But we also must accept that we are not entirely in control of how long we live. We are simply co-creators, not sole-creators. Please do not buy these lies that The Government is selling us. The Government is not here to help us. They only want power and control. We must accept the fact that we are all going to die. In acceptance, we reclaim our sovereignty. And, then we claim our power of self-determination, and every day we ask the question, "How will I live?

Remember, in determining how you live, "The best defense is always a potent offense." Health is an inside job, and it starts in our minds. How we see ourselves and treat ourselves is how we will heal ourselves. The human body is not a supercomputer. You don't input a virus and get a disease out. But, if you listen to Bill Gates or the Pharmaceutical Science, that's how it seems. And, people have been pre-programmed by the television to believe in these lies.

The truth is far more complicated. The human body is more like the most advanced ecosystem on the planet - and we are not separate from the oceans, the land, the air, the earth, and one another. We are the universe. We are all one infinite universe breathing, vibrating, and bleeding together.

Our thoughts create electrical impulses that move through us like waves, sometimes violently crashing on the shore and at other times lulling us softly to sleep. When someone next to us is angry, we can feel it in our cells. As Einstein wrote, "The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility...The fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle." Quantum Physics can explain that inner knowing that we feel is our human energy field vibrating. We can measure this in a laboratory. The area of study is called Psychoneuroimmunology or Mind-Body Medicine. Our thoughts affect our organs, our hormones, our cells, and our tissues. Our physiology interacts with our environment; like a flower that extends upward from her roots to absorb the sunlight, we are no different. Still, corporations are trying to program us to believe we are separate. Don't listen to the false idols saying, "We are separate together." That's impossible. It's Orwellian Doublespeak, and the book 1984 warned us about these things to come.

We must raise our vibration to the highest frequencies of courageous liberation and love. We must turn away from the messages of fear and turn on the internal program of infinite love.

We must begin to experience ourselves from our deepest core so that we can sense our electromagnetic field and feel that infinite field all around us. When we vibrate from that space, nothing can stop us from living the life of our design.

Those living in harmony with our divine nature of liberation and breathing profoundly and soulfully are going to win the war. The most basic of all essential needs is the need to breathe. Ancient Spiritual Texts refer to the breath as prana, life-force, the spirit, the Soul, and The Breath of God

So, here's what I am doing to fight the evil villains in the world. I have partnered with thousands of other parents whose vibration is high, and they are a force to be reckoned with. And, we are doing something so rebellious; we are having a Smile-Fest. That's right! We will be gathering together in the act of wild rebelling with our teeth out, and we will be smiling, hugging, laughing, and doing the exact things needed to raise our vibration and heal our bodies.

Smile-Fest, hosted by Let Them Breathe, is a day to be filled with informative speakers, activities for the kids, community resources, and restoration of freedom focusing on American Values.

The only way to take back control of our health is to claim dominion of our bodies. Our body does not belong to the Government, The Modern Medical Establishment, and no one has the right to tell us how to breathe. We are the experts of our bodies. Our body belongs to us. So, we must now demand we be given back our rights of bodily autonomy through legal action.

That's what Let Them Breath is doing. They are suing the California Department of Public Health and demanding that choice be given back to children and families to breathe without a face covering on. Suppose we do not fight these guidelines now. In that case, all children in California will be coerced, through the power of the Political Teacher's Unions, to get the emergency use Pfizer Vaccine - that has zero long-term studies. No child should have to choose between breathing and getting vaccinated. We are in the middle of a hostage situation with Big Pharma and Big Tech trying to mask us.

Somewhere in your bones, you must know this isn't right. Medical freedom and informed consent are our rights as American Citizens. The American Public isn't being told of all of the known risks of masking a child. We have to free our kids from these mandates. I will be fighting for the children. If you want to join us and learn how you can be an agent of change, please register today and meet us at The Mission Church in Carlsbad on July 10, 2021.

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