I don't want the COVID-19 VACCINE - Let me tell you why.

Updated: Mar 29

Medical Freedom is Constitutional Right. My blood is my legal property and the United States Government does not have the legal authority to enter it without just cause. I have the right to decline Medical Treatment. I have the right to choose my health care provider. To think otherwise is an abomination of personal freedom, reckless endangerment, and a product of pharmaceutical brainwashing.

For over a year, Fauci has been the spokesperson for THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, ISOLATE, and CONTROL AGENDA. He has consistently been wrong in his hypothesis on mask-wearing, rate of transmission, asymptomatic spread, and the severity of SARS-Co-V2. Based on the available data, SARS-Co-V2 can be dangerous for people who are already severely ill or who have pre-existing health conditions. At this point we now know, COVID-19 is a personal health issue and it never should have been a POLITICAL ONE OR A PUBLIC ONE. Fauci is not a health expert. He is a drug expert. And, since I grew up in the 80's I took to heart when Nancy Reagan said, "Just say NO."

Listen in as I explain a few reasons why I don't want this vaccine.

Please visit the CDC website to examine the list of actual side-effects that have plagued thousands of people. This is just the beginning. All drugs have potential acute side effects. We have no way of knowing the long-term side effects until they happen.