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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

You have permission to listen to your GUT instincts. Please think of me like your Fairy Godmother. With the flick of my wand, I will empower you to listen to your gut. If the shoe does not fit, don't wear it. Here's what I want you to remember always: Your GUT intrinsically knows what's right for you and what's not.

Our GUT can save us either from an attacker on the street by telling us, "Don't walk down that road!" And our guts can help us heal from the most significant foreign invaders like germs, viruses, and the foods we eat. Conversely, when not taken care of, our guts can also cause us significant pain, irritability, and a high probability of early death due to Cardiovascular Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, making us more susceptible to SARS-Co-V2. Since the Public Health Officials are failing to educate the General Public, I will try.

Suppose you are like me and you love looking at the data. In that case, you can see from the chart below; it is not the boogeyman or boogers flying through the air that we should be most afraid of. Based on the available data, the number one way to go out with a bang is from a broken heart, AKA, heart disease.

As it turns out, it's our lifestyle that can cause us to die sooner rather than later, and most likely, we aren't going to die because someone exhaled on us. In 2017, 17.79 million people worldwide did not die of a virus but rather did die of Cardiovascular Disease.

Cardiovascular Disease is is a mostly preventable chronic disease, but it requires a lifetime of healthy living. Rarely in some cases, like with a genetic heart valve issue, lifestyle has nothing to do with heart failure. But mostly, based on the study of Epigenetics, we know that it's how we nurture our nature that determines our fate. It is not what other people do to us, but rather, it is our actions, how we see ourselves, and what we do with our life that defines us.

We should be most afraid of ourselves!

Based on the overwhelming amount of scientific data on death, dying, and diseases, it turns out that it is what we voluntarily eat that can either wreck us or heal our gut. Foods that are high in sugar, processed foods, foods that contain antibiotics (fast food), gluten (glyphosate), sodas, and too much food consumption and not enough physical activity all damage the environment in the gut microbiome. A weak gut microbiome is what makes us more susceptible to "catching" a virus. But it's not the catching of a virus that makes us sick. It is a weak gut microbiome that is responsible for not being able to catch and release. A body that is diseased cannot easily fight off foreign invaders like respiratory viruses.

As it turns out, the most relevant fear is not the fear of someone else chasing us down and murdering us. Or worse, someone sneezing in public! Nope! More people kill themselves by suicide than those who get killed by homicide. The chance of dying in a terrorist attack is just one above a natural disaster that is last on the death list. Further, based on the data, more people harm themselves by not prioritizing a healthy lifestyle over gluttonous fun than any other cause of death. Of all the things in the world, we should be most terrified of the foods we eat and what we personally do each day.



What's OBESITY have to do with Heart Health and Gut Health?

They are all connected. We cannot separate one from the other. People who are OBESE and OVERWEIGHT by more than 20 pounds also suffer from Heart Disease, Diabetes, Respiratory Issues, Gut Microbiome Imbalances and are most susceptible to UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS. Considering that 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight and 1 in 13 are obese, we have some big problems that we need to tackle because viruses aren't going to disappear, so we need to address the root cause of this current situation. And, face diapers can't fix what's broken in the belly.

Just as we cannot separate parts of the human anatomy and pretend we live inside a vacuum or on a slide under a microscope with only one factor being relevant, we must acknowledge that health and chronic diseases are multifaceted. The people running the show right now seem to be acting as if stopping the spread of COVID-19 is so simple. As if we all just did what we are told and stayed home, would everyone that passed away in 2020 be alive today? - That's unlikely. Even prisoners in solitary confinement catch colds, so apparently, isolation isn't the answer and in fact, considering isolation is what we do to prisoners as a form of punishment, it's astonishing how many people are A.OK. with these orders. And, the latest advice we are getting from our elected officials is, "Since one mask is not enough, how about TWO?"

Dear God! Is this the best we got here in America? Let's make it even more difficult to breathe that way; no boogies will explode out of anyone's noses and kill people passing by. (SARCASM) And, let's scare the shit out of everyone so no one leaves their homes to walk, go to the gym, or do anything that might provide some stress relief and make the heart and lungs healthier. Masks are face diapers - they catch shit and guess where that shit stays all day? - YEP all of the viruses and bacteria from our respiratory tracts just sit there hanging out on the cloth for us to re-inhale.

Here's what we understand based on thousands of years of scientific discoveries, "The HUMAN BODY is one of the most intricate multi-system organisms." The way I see it is, "The body is more like a smoothie than a six-course meal with different plates on the table." If we divide up the HUMAN BODY and reduce the body down to bits and pieces, we will never fully understand it. Reductionism might work to understand parts of the whole, but we have to put Humpty Dumpty back together. Maybe reductionism is sufficient for a surgeon who needs to remove a tumor, but it doesn't work to prevent chronic diseases and respiratory infections that affect every body system.

Remember that song we learned in Kindergarten: DEM BONES

Toe bone connected to the foot bone

Foot bone connected to the heel bone

Heel bone connected to the ankle bone

Ankle bone connected to the shin bone

Shinbone connected to the knee bone

Knee bone connected to the thigh bone

Thigh bone connected to the hip bone

Hip bone connected to the backbone

Backbone connected to the shoulder bone

Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone

Neckbone connected to the head bone

Now hear the word of the Lord.

We have to look at the big picture and from a big picture view every internal system from the Digestive System to The Immune System, The Cardiovascular System...DEM systems are all connected. And, what's connected to DEM systems is what we put into them. We have to recognize that what we do to our bodies each day will either make us well or break us down. When we look at this image below it is 2-dimensional.

The human body is NOT 2-Dimensional. WE ARE multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. We cannot thrive inside a box. Everything affects us from a subatomic level to the quantum level. The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the liquid we drink, and even the material we wear affect our IMMUNE SYSTEM. Small microscopic molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of protons, and protons of neutrons, and neurons of electrons - and as we look deeper we are filled with infinite energy and unlimited potential but few people ever tap into their potential because we are conditioned from an early age to ignore and suppress pain and follow someone else's orders about what to eat, how much to eat and how to live. But we do not have to obey orders that are detrimental to our emotional, physical, social, or biological wellbeing. We don't get sick from breathing. We get sick from not taking extreme care of our insides and anything that reduces the amount of airflow through the respiratory system will diminish our life-force and cause greater dis-ease.

While people keep throwing out the word "science" as if science is the defense for social isolation and mask-wearing - the science clearly shows us that what we have been told to do over the past year is not based on the science of health and healing. It is also of extreme importance to note what one of the most brilliant scientists of all time had to say about his own profession. Einstein famously worried about the potential for science and technology to be misused in ways catastrophic to the future of humanity. In a letter to his friend, psychiatrist Otto Juliosburger, in 1948, he wrote, "I believe that the abominable deterioration of ethical standards stems primarily from the mechanization and depersonalization of our lives...a disastrous byproduct of science and technology.”

Einstein wrote and spoke in prophetic volumes about the dangers of scientific advancement devoid of human values. So, while people are quoting SCIENCE AS THE justification for shattering over 160,000 small businesses in the United States, and Science as the justification for closing down schools and sports, what they are failing to mention is these measures have been an abominable deterioration of ethics and void of any awareness that emotional health affects physical health. And, shattering youth sports will cause higher Obesity and heart disease, the very things that make us susceptible to viruses.

The notion that the best course for all humans is to isolate themselves and wait for a vaccine is not health science. Instead, Big Pharmaceutical Companies' continuous desire to profit over people and their paid propaganda has programmed people to believe they can eat whatever they want with no consequences for their actions and take another pill.

The science on human health demonstrates that negative emotional stress and fear wreak havoc on the IMMUNE SYSTEM. So, while others claim science as their defense, to me, it seems people are being guided more by mass paranoia, science void of humanity, and an attempt to control human behavior in all of the wrong ways with a promise of a cure that won't be effective in those who need it most; people who are obese and have a weak gut microbiome have impaired immunity which makes a vaccine less effective.

According to a study by Green and Beck from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Obesity impairs the immune response to influenza and influenza vaccination through alterations of the cellular immune system. Compared with vaccinated healthy-weight adults, vaccinated obese adults have twice the risk of influenza or influenza-like illness despite equal serological response to vaccination."

The real issues we have that are causing the decline of humanity and the dangerous side-effects of SARS-Co-V2 have more to do with people's inability to focus on mind over matter, which is a simple way of saying, "Be stronger than your impulses."

A recent study dated November 20, 2020, and published by Nature Communications debunked Fauci's original hypothesis that SARS-CoV-V2 could easily spread from healthy people and infect sick people. In multiple press briefings and interviews, Fauci has made it sound as if it is common for an asymptomatic individual to infect anyone. In an interview on MSN on June 16, 2020, Fauci said, "The transmission from an asymptomatic person to someone who is not infected is not a rare event. We have not yet quantitated precisely what the relative percentage of cases that are caused by asymptomatic is likely not rare."

Well, now we have the data from the largest study of close to 10 million people, and the percentage of cases of asymptomatic spread was fewer than 4%. A study of 10 million people in Wuhan, China - ground zero for the coronavirus - showed that the asymptomatic spread of covid does not occur at a statistically significant rate. The conclusion drawn after studying close to 10 million cases is that "The detection rate of asymptomatic positive cases was very low, and there was no evidence of transmission from asymptomatic positive persons to traced close contacts. There were no asymptomatic positive cases in 96.4% of the residential communities." (Can it happen? Yes. Is it likely that healthy people are the superspreaders of the virus? NO. Should we focus on something else? YES.)

Take a look at this chart below from our world in data.

It looks neat and tidy...right? But in reality, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Respiratory Disease exist on a continuum and not as a linear event. They are all processes of Chronic Diseases that gradually occur over a lifetime of not getting enough nutrient-dense food, eating too much junk food, and not getting enough physical exercise mixed in with the right amount of rest. And what all three of the top Diseases below have in common is those with any one of these diseases tend to have a gut microbiome that is out of balance and high inflammatory markers in their blood. People who have a gut microbiome that not healthy have a higher risk of dying from all kinds of respiratory disease. Further, an unhealthy gut is more strongly associated with a person’s risk of certain illnesses than their genetics and hence; makes people more susceptible to the flu, colds, and other types of viruses.

What we eat plays a major role in the composition of our gut microbiota and in the health of our cardiovascular system.

Let's talk some more about the Gut Microbiome.

The GUT MICROBIOME is inside the Gastrointestinal Tract. The Gastrointestinal tract is the tract from the mouth to the anus which includes all the organs of the digestive system in humans and other animals. "The gut microbiome, as defined by molecular biologist Joshua Lederberg is the totality of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi, and their collective genetic material present in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT)." It contains an estimated 500-1000 species and 100 trillion organisms, encoding 100-fold more unique genes than our own genome. In its balanced state, a healthy gut can fight off most viruses and improve the overall function of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The majority of people whose body's could not fight off the SARS-Co-V2 virus had Dysbiosis or some other chronic inflammatory diseases. And, most were elderly and living in assisted care facilities (nursing homes). A new paper that appears in the journal Gut suggests that the composition of the gut microbiome at the time of infection may impact whether someone experiences long COVID.

High levels of CYTOKINES (inflammation) are typical in people who are obese, have heart issues, elderly, and have Type 2 diabetes. When the blood vessels are inflamed, they have extreme difficulty handling and fighting off viruses.

Obesity causes Dysbiosis

What is Dysbiosis> >> Dysbiosis is the disruption of the composition and diversity of the gut microbiome. Stress, diet, hygiene, and the use of antibiotics can cause Dysbiosis. NOTICE again that word "STRESS" what could be more stressful than believing that everyone near you could breathe without a mask on and kill you?....this is not true, but there are many people who think it is true. Let's CIRCLE BACK...everything is connected.

SARS-Co-V2 barely affects some, specifically the young and those within a healthy weight range. And for others, it can cause severe illness and death. Any other self-respecting unbiased scientist would throw out the notion that masks save lives and start asking why some people live, and others die of this virus? We have the information available to us.

The good news is there are tons of scientists who are focusing on more than just making another pill or syringe to shoot. The bad news is that the Politicians and Big Pharma Companies don't seem to be paying attention and making any meaningful course corrections on how we should move forward based on the HINDSIGHT from 2020 that we now have.

The common misconception of reality is that a vaccine will save everyone, but no one mentions that this virus is more like the flu or common cold, and it comes and goes. Just as you don't get permanent immunity from catching COVID-19 naturally, you also can't get permanent immunity from the vaccine. For permanent immunity to happen, the antibodies would need to stay active in the bloodstream forever, and neither the vaccine nor natural infection can provide that type of security. We know that a new strain of coronavirus has already started to show up, so we should assume that just like we need the latest flu shot each year than more than likely, people will also need a new coronavirus shot based on which strain is most active. I don't do FLU shots, and I won't be taking this vaccine. But that should be a choice that I will fight for. I know the best defense is a strong internal offensive team in my GUT. And, I want you to know that, too. And, the reality for many others is their body is already so sick that a mask and flu shot may be their only saving grace. In a free society, we should not all be forced to conform to the medical establishment's will when their will is not based on the science of natural immunity, disease prevention, and/or personal autonomy.

The SARS-Co-V2 virus whether inhaled or injected does not create permanent immunity like something like Chickenpox where once you get it you are pretty much immune from getting it again at least until you are old and then it can reappear as shingles. The SARS-Co-V2 virus when inhaled causes antibodies to be released in the bloodstream which may stick around anywhere from three months to 9 months but that again depends on the individual host it infects. It will, however, like the flu, leave a resilient memory imprint in the T-Cells and B-Cells - this is basically like a recipe box. So, that the next time the virus comes in the body will know what ingredients it needs to get that cake out of the oven.

We have to take a deeper exploration into what is the root cause of death truly is. First, we need to remember this very important fact: "NOBODY GETS OUT OF HERE ALIVE." We are all going to die and the older we get the chances of dying to get increasingly higher. It is very normal for 90-year-olds to die of tooth infections, from falling and when shoveling the snow. But we don't put Cause OF DEATH: SNOW on the death certificate.

The latest study from The CDC found that 94% of the total number of deaths due to COVID-19, were in people who had one or more serious chronic inflammatory diseases. We have to start talking about these diseases and stop letting the Mainstream Media sweep the evidence that Americans are getting sicker and fatter under the rug despite the advancement of Modern Medicine. If the medicine is so great why aren't people getting healthier? The numbers for Heart Disease and Obesity are at an all-time record high and not coincidently so are Big Pharma profits.

It is about time we actually do something to educate the public about how to save themselves from themselves by engaging in a mass public health campaign to inspire people to change their lives to save themselves. The Joint Global ALLIANCE should change its focus from what's on the outside to what's going on inside the body. Common SENSE tells us that if 94% of Total COVID-related deaths were in people who had either one or more chronic inflammatory diseases - shouldn't the focus be on reducing the number of chronic diseases? Should healthy people have to continue sacrificing themselves to save people that might not be saveable? Who's job is it to prevent HEART DISEASE and OBESITY? - It is our individual responsibility to take care of our body from within.

Just imagine for a second if instead of announcements going off at the grocery store to wear a mask there was one that said, "CHECK your cart! If it makes you fart or leaves you feeling bloated- it's not good for your gut microbiome." O.K. that's highly unlikely but I think it is necessary and if I could rule the world which I think I should, I would mandate dance during lunch breaks and enforce a gut check at the beginning of each day.

We have to start asking the right questions to find better solutions," Is it the SARS-Co-V2 virus that is highly deadly, or is the SAR-Co-V2 virus only serious in a body that is already suffering from other diseases? Based on the evidence, it appears that SARS-Co-V2 is mostly (94%) a major threat to people who are already ill. And, for the rest of the population that is in fairly decent shape, it may cause symptoms similar to the cold and flu, and for others, like kids; they won't even notice it.

Notice how the CDC states: *Conditions contributing to deaths involving coronavirus. Coronavirus is NOT listed as the Cause OF DEATH.

We have to look at the body, not as a vending machine where you put something in and you always get the same thing out but rather more as a complicated multi-system organic machinery that has its own vast ecosystem. In some ways, we are an island. We are not all in this together because we don't all have the same response to this virus and our individual response has more to do with what's in our gut than who we were standing next to at the grocery store.

Those who sadly passed on from COVID-19 may have only had a few years to live based on their health history, age, and the number of medications they were on. According to a survey done by AARP, 75% of adults over the age of 50 are on at least one prescription medication. By the time people are 65, 9 out of 10 people are on medications. Mostly these medications are for Heart Disease and Gut Issues. The medication mask symptoms so patients don't feel the underlying issues and can continue going through their lives without any substantial lifestyle change or obvious consequences. The medicines make the diseases tolerable but not cured.

And, so one must question, "Why is it that Terrain Theory is not a widely accepted Scientific Theory by The Modern Medical Establishment?" I am not a Doctor but I can read. And, based on what the CDC has in plane-site it looks like a healthy terrain *body* is the best COVID-19 defense plan. Early Studies from the end of March showed that 73% of Americans Hospitalised With COVID-19 Had an Underlying Condition and now that number is closer to 94%.

And, why is it that when I look up TERRAIN THEORY on WIKIPEDIA I am immediately directed not to a page that explains Terrain Theory but rather it says GERM THEORY DENIALISM? I know the answer to this question and it's no THEORY but it is a FACT that there is a CONSPIRACY that started with John D. Rockefeller, the OIL TYCOON, who changed modern medicine to a for-profit pharmaceutical company. And, ever since then Doctors have been trained to treat Chronic Diseases with prescription medications which only make the terrain of the human body weaker by masking symptoms and allowing the person to continue engaging in behaviors that damage the gut microbiome. So, we should ask, why would WIKIPEDIA not define TERRAIN THEORY and rather make it sound like quackery? Here's the scary truth: WIKIPEDIA is OWNED by The Wikimedia Foundation and they have a joint alliance with The World Health Organization. So, why would the WHO want to deny an obvious theory that could assist people in taking the necessary precautionary measures to ensure they have a healthy terrain so they don't get hit so hard by the next virus? - I will leave this here for you to ponder and provide the answers later in another blog.

Terrain Theory was the work of Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard in the 19th Century. The concepts of Biological Medicine must have been top of mind during their research, for these two men noticed the bigger picture of how our 100 trillion human cells interacted and benefited from the trillions of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that are woven into the tapestry of our body. Further, they found that it was a healthy terrain within our body that creates wellness. Having the “Terrain” of your body in healthy shape, makes self-healing possible, with fewer risks. This theory makes complete sense and it is widely accepted by Naturopaths, Holistic Health Practitioners, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists, and other Health Practitioners as a fact that one's unique body chemistry is what keeps someone healthy or prone to diseases. not just a theory. Terrain Theory suggests that it is NOT the germ that determines the disease but rather, the state of our internal health and our ability to maintain homeostasis in the face of unfriendly organisms. Like the GREAT MASK DEBATE, people want to take sides and claim it is this or that when in reality it is a little of everything. Invading pathogens and germs certainly can create harm in all bodies as is suggested by Germ Theory which states that certain diseases are caused by the invasion of the body by microorganisms, organisms too small to be seen except through a microscope. The entire shutdown is based on Germ Theory and a Computer Program for Social Distancing but it fails to look at the whole body and the facts that most healthy people, even when invaded by SARS-Co-V2 are not ending up with the Disease known as COVID-19.

Here's the simple explanation: We don't get sick because there is some invisible enemy flying through the air attacking us. We get sick because our body is weak either due to Chronic Diseases or unique lifestyle factors that may include: feeling run down, feeling overwhelmed, not eating nourishing foods, drinking too much alcohol, and as they say, "burning the candle at both ends." This is not a new or unknown phenomenon. Rather, it is quite common. As I listen to people talk and share about their symptoms I wonder, "Haven't you ever been sick before?" I know I have been hit by various germs or felt so rundown that I ended up sick in bed, vomiting, dizzy, and had a whole host of dramatic ailments that I never thought to post all over social media or share with the mainstream media. Last year probably every person on the planet caught a common cold and it didn't make global headlines every time someone lost their sense of smell from being stuffed up from last year's flu. People can and do die from the common cold, the flu, and a host of hundreds of other viruses.

Here's what I want you to take away from this: The proposed solutions for SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MASKS are only ways of masking deeper issues. The best way to stay SAFE is to engage in LIFESTYLE behaviors that improve the GUT MICROBIOME.

What we do to our GUT and our ability to listen to that GUT feeling is what can and does help us to stay safe from the inside. There's something to that old saying, "It's what is in the inside that counts the most."

We have very little control of what other people do and yet, the overwhelming low vibratory message in this PANDEMIC is that it is other people’s actions that are making us sick. For example, the common mainstream message is to "stay safe" 1. Maintain a six-foot distance from "OTHERS" at all times. 2. Wear a mask. 3. Wash your hands and 4. Stay home if you are sick and stay home as much as you can accept to get food.

To date, there has been little mention of the fact that some foods and foods consumed in excess can actually make people more susceptible to COVID-19. So, when a two hundred pound woman rolls into the grocery store wearing a double mask and then fills her cart with diet soda and pringles that mask won't save her from anything unless she puts it on to stop herself from eating what she just bought at the store. The sad thing is she thinks she is "safe" because she is doing what she was told to do and staying away from people and wearing a mask. But what she really needs is to get together with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help her heal her gut. But both industries have been forced to zoom rather than meet in the room with people who need a healing touch and guidance. I will get into a strategic comparison of what industries have been left open to thrive and the gyms and health centers that have been devastated in a later post. For now, let's stick with learning more about the one thing we have control over; OUR GUTS.

Public Health Officials are failing to educate the public about what it is that actually makes us sick. From their perspective, the only thing we need to think about is how to prevent a microscopic invisible enemy from flying from one nose to another. The only way to effectively prevent any transmission of viruses from one human to another is to live in a self-sustaining bubble. The notion that if we cut off our airways by covering the nose and mouth we will somehow save someone else's life is not based on science. It is based on an overly simplified approach that to date has not been effective at reducing the overall effect of the SARS-Co-V2 virus on a vulnerable IMMUNE SYSTEM. Rather, than focusing on the SYSTEM within our body Politicians are now suggesting doubling up on face masks and hiding out; indefinitely until there is a cure that may or may not provide long-term IMMUNITY. The common misperception of reality shared by many in the general public is that if another person is out in public breathing without a face mask that somehow they are endangering the lives of other humans miles away. Which of course is total nonsense.

We know, according to science, that the likelihood of SARS-Co-V2 traveling more than a few feet through the air from one person to the next is slim to none. It does spread in close physical contact like when families are all home together abiding by the stay-at-home orders. But as far as me hanging out on the beach somewhere maskless; the chances of a virus I don't have leaping out of my nose into yours is ZERO.

What I see in the collective consciousness is a very low vibratory frequency of individual people giving over their power to a group-think mentality. It starts with the notion that "We are all in this together." It is a warm and cozy hallmark kind of message. But it doesn't take into consideration that we are very diverse human beings and though our DNA might be similar our biodiversity comes from deep within the Gut Microbiome.

Everything encountered in the surrounding environment influences the microbiome.” Chief culprits that impair your flora include food, toxins, stress, and medications, which contribute to a state of imbalance called dysbiosis. DYSBIOSIS is what makes people vulnerable to invading pathogens.

When we shift our awareness to our insides (our mind, our body, and our actions) 👉that’s where our power comes from.

This whole notion that 2020 was the "NEW NORMAL" is not normal; it is psychotic. The notion that everyone should focus on whether or not a neighbor was having a house party and then snitch on them or that if someone wasn't wearing a mask that they were going to kill their Grandma is psychotic.

The mask mandates have created greater division in the country, with friends, family members and if it was working then we would be seeing a decline in COVID-19 related deaths. When instead we saw a sharp increase after mask mandates were enforced; at least in California where I live. Public Health Officials are either ignorantly or intentionally ignoring the facts that the data shows us the people who are most vulnerable to SARS-Co-V2 are vulnerable due to their own lifestyle choices and not to whether or not they were masking up. "TO mask or not to mask should NOT be the question." We have to look inside to the root cause of Dis-EASE.

MASKS can't save a highly toxic GUT MICROBIOME that is already weak and dying. Forcing A cloth mask onto everyone in the general population without any further instructions as to how to keep their body safe is equivalent to sending an untrained warrior off into the battlefield with a paper plate for a shield. A mask is not enough and can do more harm than good when it decreases one's ability to fully exhale the toxins the body is meant to release with each breath. In order to stay safe; one must focus on what they put into their bodies voluntarily. It is the foods we eat that either adds to greater immunity or decrease it.

For all of those who have felt as if wearing a cloth covering is the right thing to do, I suggest using that passion to focus on what's inside of you and your personal health behavioral patterns. Wearing a face mask can prevent some viruses from entering the airway but it's not enough to ensure physical safety. The path to wellness is much harder than just covering your nose and mouth.

If you have a loved one who is OBESE or struggling with GUT ISSUES be their support person. Get in the ALL TOGETHER HEALTH REVOLUTION. And, if that person is YOU, REMEMBER this, "OBESITY IS A DISEASE." It is one of the hardest diseases to cure because your body becomes hormonally and chemically addicted to the foods you eat. And, unlike other addictions, it is one in which everyone will rally around you in a co-dependent way offering you one more plate of food. OBESITY is CONTAGIOUS. If you don't believe me just observe the next time you are at a Thanksgiving Day Celebration....hopefully...we get to do that next year...try to decline on dessert and see what the chef does. It's not easy not to eat that extra helping of Pumpkin Pie and in fact, once you start eating the sugar, the body craves more because INSULIN is a naturally occurring drug in the body. When Insulin goes up it triggers the body to store glucose in the muscles, fat cells, and liver. So any diet that consists of feeding the sweet tooth will inevitably lead to the accumulation of excess fat which will destroy the gut microbiome and therefore make people more susceptible to SARS-Co-V2 and the next strain of flu.

What can we do?

WORK with a naturopath or functional medicine nutritionist so you can get the guidance you need.


The only one with the power to save you is yourself.

Every day; set an intention for eating only foods that nourish your gut microbiome.

Focus on ways to reduce negative stress and improve mental health.

A WONDERFUL intuitive eating strategy is to notice how foods feel after they are digested and reach the bloodstream.

Irritability, bloating and anxiety are all symptoms of a gut microbiome that’s out of balance.

If you are looking for a HEALTH COACH to help you to learn how to strengthen your gut and/or get into the best shape of your life, I can give you some recommendations and offer you support. Email me:

In the meantime, LOVE your BODY, and focus on fueling your mind with positive affirmations:

I am healthy.

I am strong.

I am capable of fighting off infections.

I am taking great care of myself every day!

With Love and Strength,




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