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Traveling Saves Lives

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

When the world leaders declared COVID-19 a Pandemic, the majority of countries closed businesses, told people to stay home, and decided what was best for all of us. Tanzania, however, did not get on board with the "all together plan." For over a year I followed the events playing out in Tanzania because I had planned to travel there to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I postponed my trip several times due to the restrictions the California Governor and other World Leaders had placed on us. As I followed the news - I saw contradictory news reports. From Tanzania, they were welcoming tourists but on the American side, we were not only being cautioned not to fly but threatened with penalties and the possibility of incarceration. As I studied the data, none of this made sense to me. Covid-19 has about a 1.5% case fatality rate and some estimate the chance of survival at 99.8%. I knew the facts. I knew that countries like Tanzania are dependent on tourism for survival. After a year of waiting, I decided I would go to Tanzania and see things for myself. In this mini-documentary, I will take you through the five climate zones of Kilimanjaro, introduce you to my guides and porters, and maybe, I might even get you thinking about taking a trip somewhere, too.

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