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How To Cultivate Bravery

This morning, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Roseanney Liu. I met Roseanney a few years ago when she came to one of my Born Wonderful® Events. I was immediately impressed by her humble warrior spirit. As I got to know Roseanney, I discovered she is a mother, a world traveler, a published author, a teacher, a wife, and an empowering workshop leader whose on a mission to teach others how to be brave and become a confidence master.

It was after I read her book, Badassery 101; The Secrets To Be The Confident Boss Of Your Life and hearing her story about her trip to Kilimanjaro, that I gained the extra boost of confidence I needed to say, "Yes" to going on my own adventure to Kilimanjaro, too! So, this morning it was such a gift to be interviewed by her and to receive her badassery love and support.

My interview will be featured in part as one of her course modules for her Live Out Loud Your Badassery 101 course. She said I could share it here with you. If you need more Badassery in your life, check out her latest offerings on her website:

She also, asked me some great questions about dealing with DOUBTING DAVES (People who doubt your ability to do what you say you will do or perhaps those that subconsciously project their own fears onto you and fill you up with warnings, fears and doubts.) In this video, I share some tips on how to change those doubts into positive action steps.

Check it out!

I love hearing back from you! Let me know what you think.

How do you cultivate bravery?

What are your tips for dealing with Doubting Daves?

Sending you Born Wonderful® Blessings!

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Or just plain crazy!!


Erin DiMaggio
Erin DiMaggio
Jan 29, 2020

That’s awesome, Sarah!! I see you as someone who is courageous and true!


I think I have been fortunate in that I never heard the 'doubters'; once I made my mind for a direction, I went for it. Oh, BTW, no, I don't want to go climb any mountain!

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