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How We See The Issue Is The Issue

I don't see life the same as the others.

They tell me what's there.

I see something beyond their limited confines of the ego

beyond the veil of illusion and into the multiverse.

I see the great divide waiting to crumble.

The flashy words will fall off their scripts.

Their face smeared by their own words

From the depths of their soul

A new soundwave will pound beneath their ribs

They will finally Listen.

And hear,

Their life belongs to them.


In this VLOG I offer up some practical common sense advice on remembering how we see life.

Check it out and share it if it resonates with you.

My perceptual filters have been refined and tuned by reading, assimilating and participating in workshops in Nonviolent Communication, Spiritual Psychology, and reading works by: Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, and through trial and error. I error daily. Just ask my kids. Be gentle on yourself as you are learning, growing and working towards communicating with compassion. And, I find it of critical importance to mention that this work requires dedication and energy. You do not have to hold space for everyone you meet. It is essential to put up appropriate boundaries if there is any sign of physical, emotional or spiritual abuse coming in from an uninvited person or party.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I love sharing anything that makes the world remember:


Sending you much love, light and resilience!


Here's a few of my favorite books on Nonviolent Communication and Parenting with compassion.

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