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Parenting With Consent AND WOMEN'S RIGHTS

It's that time of year again...Election SEASON; the time of year when it is legal to hunt, humiliate, annihilate, and defame the politicians. Tis' the season and it is not jolly and there are no signs of holly!

I have to admit it, "I get a bit wrapped up in it all." I have a good reason for getting wrapped up; voting is my civic responsibility. Voting is the least I can do and it is the least all of us should do to contribute to our Democracy.

We should all be doing more.

I need to pay attention...and YOU also, need to pay attention. People are holding political positions of power who would like to take away our RIGHT to choose what we do or do not do with our bodies and what we do or do not do with our children's bodies in regards to their immunity and health care. Yes, I am talking about the criminalization of abortion and the criminalization of choosing not to vaccinate your child. If we are not careful and political, we will go back to archaic ways of being. It is in your best interest and the world's best interest for all of us to get political because politics is personal.

We should all be paying attention. But what should we pay attention to?

We need to pay attention to everything with the most important thing being that we are looking out into the future of not only America but our planet as a whole. I cannot say this enough, "WE ALL BREATHE THE SAME AIR."

We have to consider these questions:

What is best for the greater good?

What is best for the world as a whole?

What does the future version of the world look like?

What can we do now to ensure that we have a planet to live on later?...YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED.

What is best for the environment in which we live?

And after that, what is best for the majority?

And then, what is best for my small personal interests?





What is best for tax day?... Is that really your highest priority?

Unfortunately, the majority of voters put their financial interests and party loyalties first. And, then, there are a whole lot of people making noise on the sidelines that don't even show up to the polls. We have voters who vote only based on their religious beliefs, their party preference, and their individual needs first over everything else. So, that leaves us with a "Me First" Nation under personal interests - not under GOD. It is that mentality that will lead to our destruction.

At the top of my personal and the GREATER GOOD priority list is the environment and women's reproductive rights. For this blog and vlog, I am focused on women's rights and parenting with consent.


Because I am a woman and I am raising a daughter. I am also raising two sons on an overpopulated planet with limited natural resources and housing for all. We are so privileged in that we have a home, space and room to grow and thrive. With that space, I am raising them all to believe that they are in charge of their bodies and their lives. I am raising them to understand that everything they do impacts not only their own lives but the lives around them. I am raising them to understand that being a Mother or a Father is a full-time job for life. As of right now, none of them plan to have children but they are 6, 11 and 14 so, that's a good thing. Our home is a haven for them to explore what their current reality looks like and what they will one day do when they leave for their wild adventures. I know that the outer world is not necessarily a safe place. So, like it is my civic duty to vote, as a mother I also have a personal responsibility to stay informed, to make sure they have the self-defense mechanisms to not only defend themselves physically but also to defend themselves mentally. And, it is also my responsibility to educate them about the history of humanity and how those in power have lied so they can live in a false reality that sees themselves and their beliefs as the center of the universe. I have to prepare them for the world as it is as well as give them the tools to understand that there are people out there who will want to dominate our world. We will not let the wicked win.

Yes, I have been a little fired up and I have done a couple of vlogs as a way to use my fire for fuel to educate and motivate you to see life as it is and then, to agree and consent to making the world a better place by taking small meaningful action steps each day.

The first VLOG is a little of Women's History and my view on what I think about people that want to take away OUR right to choose what we do or do not do with our bodies. Now, here's the catch, I don't think you should have to pay for my freedom but you certainly shouldn't have a say in what happens inside my uterus or any woman's uterus!! It's a touchy subject but I touched it and I will keep touching it because I can. I am going to leave them all here. They, like me, are a work in progress...I will keep progressing forward.

As you tune in, consider women's history. Consider what you were taught from a young age about consent, about your body, about your choices....Consider the greater good of Motherhood and the right to choose.

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