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Sunday Service August 2, 2020

I feel most aligned with my Divine Inspiration when the moon is almost full. Inspiration told me, "You must sharpen your sword and carry a shield. The moment is now. Change is happening at a cosmic level. This change is bigger than anything we have seen in the last 100 years. Some will enter into the dark ages and others will step into the fullness and glory of the light."

We have a choice. We can choose to take the path that will lead us to our destruction and demise or we can wake up fully and acknowledge our powerful purpose for being alive.

Listen in as I share the uploads I get as my feet touch the dirt and the sun shines down on me.


Exercises for YOU for AWAKENING


PHYSICAL: Walk in nature every day. Find a place that is quiet and listen to the sounds of your own footsteps as your feet connect with the earth.

MENTAL: Repeat a mantra (repetition of words) that helps you to feel empowered, healthy and connected.

EMOTIONAL: Allow yourself to feel what you feel. There are no wrong feelings. There are only wrong actions. YOU do not have to react to every feeling but rather allow it to flow through you like water. Emotions are energy in motion...emotions are fluid.

SOCIAL: Connect deeply with at least one person each day in the flesh. This can be a simple and quick process like making eye contact with someone walking by and through the eyes smile in gratitude for the gift of being alive.

SPIRITUAL: Trust and have faith that your soul is eternal. The light that is in you is infinite. Connect with the SPIRITUAL ENERGY of your choosing. As long as it is in the light it is right.

Founder of Born Wonderful, LLC
Erin DiMaggio

Practice self-counseling at home with Erin's book, The Born Wonderful® Way to Manifest Magic. Now available on AMAZON.

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