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The Public Health Officials Are Failing To Educate the Public

Wearing a mask does not strengthen the immune system. It is equivalent to pulling down the shades to keep a burglar from robbing a house. In this VLOG I will guide you through an opening meditation and then touch on the multiplicity of activities and actions that weaken the Immune System and make the body susceptible to viruses, specificialy, SARS-Co-V2. Listen up and I invite you to consider for yourself what behavioral changes you can make today to start taking better care of your one wonderful self.

Learn more and ask yourself, "Why aren't the "experts" in charge of COVID talking about the Gut, Natural Immunity and how to heal the body from inflammation through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle."

The Gut: Our Second Brain

"For years, scientists have known about the remarkable existence of another brain within our bodies: our gut. Our stomach functions totally independently and does far more than just digestion. It hold a spectacular colony of one hundred thousand billion bacteria that even impact our personalities. Some diseases of the brain, like Parkinson's, may stem from the degeneration of intestinal neurons."

Directors Cecile DenjeanGenresDocumentary, Special InterestSubtitlesEnglish [CC]Audio languagesEnglish

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