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To Mask or Not to Mask; Should not be the question.

In case you haven't received the memo, "2020 is supposed to be the year of Global Enlightenment." This is THE YEAR where all that is rotten to the core will rise up from beneath the darkness of the soil for all to see. The truth will be revealed for the sole purpose of healing and evolution. Some of us will step into the next phase like the great Phoenix rising from the ashes and others will stay home, get fatter, collect unemployment and act heroic by wearing a cloth mask that never saved anyone.

Listen in as I go over some basic functions of the nose and the pros and cons of wearing a mask.

Masks are a good idea if you live in a highly polluted area or if you feel that they help you to feel safe.

Mask are not a good idea if it is harder for you to breathe with them on and/or you can easily maintain social distancing.

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